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PENG Release 2.1

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PENG is a portable Visual Text Editor, Integrated Development Environment, Textual User Interface, or whatever TLA you prefer.


There is a mailing list devoted to PENG, <>. Comments and bug reports concerning PENG should be directed to this list. Mails to the list should be in English. To subscribe, send the command `subscribe peng-list <your@mail.address>' in the body of a mail to <>.


You can download PENG binaries for the following systems:

If you need a binary for another system on which you can give me a login and some disk space, I can probably compile one.

In compliance with the GNU Library General Public License, under which some libraries used by PENG are released, but which does NOT apply to PENG itself, you can also download object files of PENG which you can link with modified versions of the libraries. Instructions for linking PENG are contained in the PENG README (which comes with the binaries) as well as in PENG's documentation.


All PENG binaries include documentation of PENG and its built-in tools in GNU Info format. They can be browsed comfortably with PENG's built-in Info reader.

For your convenience, the documentation is also available in different formats. All the formats contain exactly the same information.


2000-02-21 (PENG 2.1)

1999-11-11 (PENG 2.0)



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